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About Sbitany Company

Our journey began in 1961 when Akram Issa Sbitany founded the company. Since then, we have proudly evolved into Palestine's leading retailer of home appliances and electronics. Our commitment to Customer Centricity has been instrumental in our success, as we continuously strive to understand and meet the evolving needs of our valued customers.

Integrity serves as the cornerstone of our business, guiding our every action. We conduct ourselves with the utmost transparency, honesty, and ethical responsibility in all interactions with customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Dedication to Innovation is evident through strategic partnerships and our focus on incorporating the latest technology. By securing exclusive distribution rights for global brands such as LG, Beko, Bissell, Philips, and Midea, we ensure our customers have access to cutting-edge products and solutions. We also take pride in featuring Dyson, Asus, and operating as an authorized Apple Reseller in the Palestinian market, offering a wide range of high-quality choices.

Collaboration is fundamental to our operation. As a team of experts, we work together to provide a unique customer journey and after-sale experience. Our extensive network of retail stores and customer care & maintenance centers across Palestine demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Excellence serves as our benchmark. We set the highest standards, from product quality to service efficiency, consistently exceeding customer expectations.

At Akram Sbitany & Sons Co., we consider our Community Commitment a paramount aspect of our identity, deeply intertwined with our roots in Palestine. Through our 'WE CARE' Corporate Social Responsibility program, we partner with SOS Children’s Village in Palestine, dedicating ourselves to improving the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children. This partnership aligns with SOS's mission of providing loving homes and comprehensive support for these children, contributing to a brighter future for the Palestinian community.

We believe that our business goes beyond providing quality products and services; it involves giving back and being an active force for good in the communities we serve.

Our core values of Customer Centricity, Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration, Excellence, and Community Commitment are not just words; they define who we are and underpin our mission to serve our customers and community with excellence.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the most trusted and customer-centric home appliance and electronics provider in the Palestinian market. We envision a future where our commitment to quality, service, and ethical business practices set the standard for the industry, driving sustainable growth for our company and making a positive impact on our community.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality home appliances and electronics to Palestinian households, delivering exceptional customer service and after-sales support. We strive to create a shopping experience that values reliability, integrity, and customer satisfaction above all, while fostering a culture of continuous innovation and improvement within our organization.

Our Values are

  • Customer Centricity
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Community Commitment



"First Company Branch Establishment Sbitany Jerusalem 1 , Sbitany Sale Al-Bireh 1"


Mr. Mazen Sbitany Join the Company


Jerusalem Service Center Establishment


Opening Sbitany Bethlehem 1


Opening Sbitany Sale Al-Bireh 2


Opening Sbitany Jerusalem 2


"Obtain exclusive import and distribution rights for LG brand Obtain exclusive import and distribution rights for GlemGas brand"


"Opening Sbitany Sale Nablus - Hiteen "


Obtain exclusive import and distribution rights for Beko brand


"HQ Offices Establishment at Jerusalem Atarot Service Center Establishment "


"Mr. Mazen Akram Sbitany Assined As Company CEO Opening Sbitany Al-Ram"


Opening Sbitany Bethlehem 2


Mr. Akram Mazen Sbitany Join the Company (Deputy General Manager)


"Spred the Buiseness at Palestinian Market
Opening Sbitany Sale Al-Ram
Start with FireGas Brand"


"Mr. Omar Mazen Sbitany Join the Company (Deputy General Manager)
Opening Sbitany Bethany"


"Opening Sbitany Ramallah
Start with Universal Brand"


"China Office Establishment
Opening Hitech
Obtain exclusive import and distribution rights for Korkmaz brand"


"Opening Many new branches Sbitany Hebron, Sbitany Sale Hebron, Sbitany Cellcom Bitonia Customer Service Establishment
Obtain exclusive import and distribution rights for Midea brand
Obtain exclusive import and distribution rights for TecnoGas brand"


Opening Sbitany Home Ramallah


Obtain exclusive import and distribution rights for Philips brand


Obtain exclusive import and distribution rights for Apple brand
"Opening Sbitany Home Nablus Obtain exclusive import and distribution rights for TCL brand"
"Opening Sbitany Sale Nablus - Askar "


"Opening Sbitany Home Hebron
Start with ASUS Brand
Obtain exclusive import and distribution rights for Skyworth brand"


"Start Home Appliances Buiseness
Opening Sbitany Sale Bethlehem
Nablus Customer Service Establishment
Gaza Customer Service Establishment
Establishment Social Resposibility Program ""We Care""
Start with Nikon Brand
Start with Magic Brand"


Start With ERP System (SAP Buiseness 1)


"Hebron Customer Service Establishment
Opening Sbitany Sale Jerusalem"


"Opening new branches Sbitany Sale Rafedia - Nablus, Sbitany Jenin, Sbitany iStore "


"Albireh Customer Service Establishment
Sbitany Home Commercial website Establishment
Start with Smart Brand"


La2ta Commercial website Establishment


"Opening new branches Sbitany Sale Atarot, Sbitany Autharized Reseller Lacasa, Sbitany Autharized Reseller Sa'er, Sbitany Autharized Reseller Beth Ola, Sbitany Autharized Reseller Alzawyeh, Sbitany Autharized Reseller Jericho
Obtain exclusive import and distribution rights for Carrera brand
Obtain exclusive import and distribution rights for Amica brand"


"Opening new branches Sbutany Rafedia , Sbitany Elisrsal, Sbitany Sale Autharized Reseller Al-Thahryeh
Sbitany Comercial website Establishment"


"Opening New Branches bitany Autharized Reseller Tireh, Sbitany Sale Autharized Reseller Qubaibeh, Sbitany Autharized Reseller Tarqumia, Sbitany Autharized Reseller Dura"

Today, A. Sbitany & Sons Co. operates a global portfolio of brands.

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