Over the past years, “Smart” products have proven their high performance, and have won the customer’s satisfaction and confidence in a various of large electrical appliances.

The “Smart” family is always expanding to include a variety of different household electrical appliances, as it includes devices such as (refrigerators, washing machines, washers, and dryers) and gas ovens as well. Thus, the smart family becomes fully integrated and comprehensive for all family needs.

Smart products are characterized by the efficiency and high quality resulting from a long experience spanning about 60 years, and they are always known for their reasonable prices for all families and are guaranteed for 3 years, and the customer can try it for a period of 45 days and if it does not suit them, they are entitled to return it.

All Smart products are available in Sbitany branches and certified marketer branches, which are one of the Akram Sbitany & Sons networks chain, and which are published in various governorates of the country.

Smart Oven Free Standing SM-FS640X 60x60 cm Inox

  • 60×60 cm
  • 72 Ltr.
  • Enamel Pan Support

Smart Oven Free Standing SM-FS952X 90x60 cm Inox

  • 90×60 cm
  • 111 Ltr.
  • Enamel Pan Support

Smart Refrigerator Top Mount SM-RF496PT Net: 410 SSA

  • Net: 410
  • Twist Ice Maker
  • Multi AirFlow

Smart Refrigerator 4 Door SM-RF4D917X Gross:577 Ltr / Net: 525Ltr Inox

  • Gross:577 Ltr / Net: 525Ltr
  • Multi Air Flow
  • Zero Compartment

Smart Refrigerator Bottom Mount SM-RFBM653DX Gross 582 Ltr/ Net 571 Ltr Dark Inox

  • Gross 582 Ltr./ Net 571 Ltr.
  • Multi Air Flow
  • Zero Compartment

Smart Refrigerator 4 Door SM-RF4D917DX Gross:577 Ltr / Net: 525Ltr Dark Inox

  • Gross:577 Ltr / Net: 525Ltr.
  • Multi Air Flow
  • Zero Compartment

Smart Refrigerator Top Mount SM-RF543X Net: 510Ltr Inox

  • Top Mount SM-RF543X
  • Net: 510Ltr
  • Inox,

Smart Washer Front Load SM-WM712DS 7kg Dark Silver

  • 7kG
  • 1200RPM
  • Universal Motor

Smart Dryer Condensor SM-DC910DG 9 kg Dark Grey

  • 9 kg
  • Condensor
  • 15 Prgms

Smart Washer Front Load SM-WM812DS 8kg Dark Silver

  • 8kG
  • 1200RPM
  • Universal Motor

Smart Washer Front Load SM-WM914BDS 9kg Dark Silver

  • 9kG
  • 1400RPM
  • BLDC Inverter Motor

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