About Sbitany Company

Our Mission: Through our values, we are committed to improving the lives of generations of Palestinians by delivering value in all of our products and services
Our Vision:“To be Palestine’s 1st and most trusted choice”

Our Values are 
Love Customers
Development & Knowledge
Cost Consciousness
A. Sbitany & Sons Co. prides itself in being the industry leader in the retail and wholesale of electrical home appliances. We believe that creating unique experiences is our duty; from shopping at our retail stores to switching on a brand new tv for the first time, we strive to create those moments special for our customers. Founded in 1961 by the late Akram I. Sbitany, the company has evolved into the leader in the importing, marketing, and servicing of Electrical Appliances, Electronics, Commercial and Residential Air Conditions, Mobile Phones, and IT Products for the Palestinian market. With over 500 employees, 22 retails shops, and 250 dealers, Sbitany offers unmatched coverage throughout the Palestinian market.
Our services do not stop at the cash register, A. Sbitany & Sons Co. also provides the most comprehensive customer service support to 100% of our customers. With more than 6 service centers and numerous satellite service offices, we are able to provide our customers with easy access to our customer services. Today, A. Sbitany & Sons Co. operates a global portfolio of brands. LG, Beko, Philips, Hisense, Skyworth, Midea, Tecnogas, Glemgas, Bissell, Universal, Firegas, Magic, Europa, Eurostar, Eurovac, Aqua Optima, Granit, Ballarini, Korkmaz, Ghidini, Libbey, Snips, Lock&Lock, Apple, Sandisk, Nikon, Canon, belkin, otterbox, cellularline, ppyle, Next and more.

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