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      Ballarini Fry Pan 18 cm Firenze 225130.18


      Solid layer coated with non-stick material, suitable for repeated use Equipped with a Thermopoint temperature indicator, which indicates suitable temperature conditions for different cooking ware An outer layer of aluminum to distribute heat to the pan quickly. Ergonomic and heat-insulating handle. Suitable for use in all heating sources, except induction…

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      Ballarini Grill Pan 20 cm Firenze 649200.20


      Made of an external aluminum layer. Coated with non-stick cortan. Suitable for cooking and grilling meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. The handle can be folded inside the fryer, to save extra storage space. Easy to clean, oil-saving. Diameter: 20 cm black color Material: Aluminum / Cortan Non-stick.

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      Ballarini Pizza Mold 28 cm Patisserie 1AG500.28


      Circular Pizza Mold. Made of aluminum, allowing the mold surface to heat up quickly and evenly, this greatly improves the quality of cooked food. Coated with three layers of non-stick material. Suitable for use in ovens, for making pizzas and pastries. Withstands heat up to 230 �� C. Dishwasher safe…

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